Gamevice Taking Nintendo to Court Again

Gamevice is a company known for its wrap-around controllers for iPhones
and Android phones. They claim this device is the origin of the highly
successful Nintendo Switch and are taking Nintendo to court for Patent
Infringement. This is Gamevice’s second attempt to take on Nintendo with an
earlier try in 2017 that was eventually dismissed by The Patent Trial and
Appeal Board.

At first glance you can see the surface similarities, the controllers on
each side of a screen, the controllers detach, and the button placement is
similar. But the differences are too great for Gamevice to stand a chance. They
are simply a controller around a phone while Switch is its own system.
Gamevice does not have its own games, relying on apps in the typical app
store. Even the controller themselves, the core of the lawsuit, is very different.
Gamevice is chunkier and wraps around the device instead of clipping into rails
like the Switch. It’s obvious that Gamevice will fail again, but this time the
negative fan reactions are angering gamers that otherwise might have been

Sources:, Gamevice

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