Let’s talk about one of the hardest working creators out there, This team pours through every piece of data released by Blizzard for World of Warcraft. Well first we have to say, Blizzard also works hard in creating a world we can’t wait to explore, but the trusty guide that gives us glimpses of the road before us is Wowhead.

For the live game, they compile every quest, piece of loot, or tricky talent choice and gives all the details we need to make the best choices. Wowhead has resources for all WoW players, from noob to elitist.

  • You’re stuck on a quest in Thousand Needles … Wowhead it
  • Can’t figure out why this boss is one-shotting us … Wowhead it
  • How do you play Feral Druid (good luck!) … Wowhead it
  • I need green boots that match these shoulders … Wowhead it
  • Looking for the best neckpiece once we can toss the HoA in the dumpster … Wowhead it

Outside of raw data they also develop many tools for players of every kind. They have a Talent Calculator so you can tweak your character to get that last bit of DPS. The dressing room lets you try out the gear that you don’t have yet; got to find the latest in fashion! Those pesky attunements can be hard to manage, not with Wowhead. They have guides for every attunement so you’ll be exalted with all. Character planner is perfect for that new toon with big plans. This tool suggests what you should do next, achievement you are almost done with, or missing major quests.

We use Wowhead as players and creators. We will be leaning on them heavily as we cover the latest info out of Shadowlands. We want to thank, the site’s team, and the many players that contribute to the site.

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