First Valorant Collegiate eSports Event Incoming

On April 15th, New York based eSports Andbox company announced that they will be holding the first ever collegiate Valorant event on April25th.

Valorant is only in the beta stage but is a very hot ticket with Riot’s unique beta key giveaways. To receive a beta key, perspective players much watch a list of Twitch streamers for a chance at a random “drop”. This created a massive multimillion viewer count and hype for a chance at a key.

Jett from Valorant

This hype and Riot’s success with League of Legends has fans abuzz about the eSports possibilities. Riot has already released their VALORANT Community Competition Guidelines that break down Riot’s eSports plans for the game. They want a create a merit-based competition that will encourage unfamiliar players to the spotlight while also approaching some of the biggest eSport teams to discuss their future with Valorant.

Andbox is one of these teams, managing both Overwatch’s New York Excelsior and Call of Duty’s New York Subliners. Andbox’s tournament will bring together 64 teams for $2,000 prize pool. Signups will continue until April 20th and is open to all college students.

Join us at the Geek Freaks Twitch Channel on April 25th as we host Andbox’s event and give our commentary on this rising eSport powerhouse.

Sources: Andbox Team Site, ESPN, Riot

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