Crysis Remastered Coming this Summer

After more than 10 years, Crysis is returning with remastered graphics and optimization. Crysis was a first-person shooter that follows a military squad with nanotech suits giving them enhanced abilities and invisibility. Developed by Crytek in 2007, Crysis was notoriously a visually stunning game. To the point that players with top of the line PC’s would have issues. Some effects in the game are still not used today. Self-shadowing, the ability to move/break anything, and early light shading were either revolutionary or never done on this scale. The best example of stoping in the game to enjoy your surroundings.

The remaster promises much-needed optimization and HD texture packs. This could be the first playthrough for gamers that had mid-tier PCs when the game was released. Even the console releases were missing levels and paired back graphics. We look forward to a Crysis with all the potential of modern gaming.

Souce: EuroGamer, The Next Web

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