HBO Orders New Shows and Reveals ‘Perry Mason’ Trailer

HBO has been busy! They have ordered new shows including Justice League Dark and a Shining spinoff series called Overlook. HBO also released the first trailer for their Perry Mason reboot.

The Justice League Dark series is coming to HBO Max and is being developed by JJ Abram’s studio, Bad Robot. Justice League Dark is the superhero team that specializes in magic and the occult. This will be based on the character will probably lead to the formation of the team. The most notable characters are John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, and Zantana.

Overlook will be a spinoff of the Stephen King classic The Shining. The series will feature familiar characters and the Overlook Lodge. No word on whether or not they will use the original Stanley Hotel in the Colorado Rockies.

In the mood for a classic detective noir? Perry Mason is back! The new trailer for Perry Mason brings a classic detective series feel to a modern series pacing. Watch the trailer below and enjoy the series starting June 21st.

On a special note, During this pandemic, HBO is offering 500 free hours of streaming on some of their biggest shows including Silicon Valley, The Sopranos, and Veep.

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