PUBG Changes its Plans for eSports


PUBG planned to hold three eSports events this year, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic they have canceled those events and create the PUBG Continental Series (PCS).

The PCS will be held May, June, and August with a pool prize of $2.4 million. Four regions are involved including North America, Europe, Asia (China, Korea, Japan, and China Taipei), and Asia-Pacific (Southeast Asia, New Zealand and Australia).

The first tournament will be the PUBG Continental Series Charity Showdown in May. Each region has a $100,000 price pool with an addition $100,000 going to the charity of the winner’s choice. The June and August event will have a bonus “Pick’Em” challenge where the fans can predict the winning teams and win in-game exclusives.

The 21 teams that have already passed the qualifiers for the standard events will receive a $20,000 compensation.

We will cover each of these events on our Twitch channel and we host and compensate.

Source: PUBG Press Release

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