HBO Max Coming May 27th and Free for Many

HBO Max is coming May 27th and brings you the full HBO library and new exclusives totaling in more than 10,000 hours of content at its launch. Recent exclusives were announced to be in development including Justice League Dark, a Shining spin-off called Overlook, and Doom Patrol season 2. This new streaming service will be $15 a month, except for customers of AT&T; the new parent company for HBO.

Current HBO subscribers through DirectTV, U-Verse, or AT&T TV will get HBO Max for free. New customers to these tv providers receive one year of HBO Max as a new promotion. Other current DirectTV, U-Verse, or AT&T TV users will be getting a three-month trial. If you’re an AT&T wireless user, you get three months free. If you have the AT&T Unlimited Elite plan you will always have access to HBO Max for free. Lastly, you get HBO Max free if you’re an AT&T Internet 1000 plan subscriber.

As you can see, there are many ways to check out HBO Max when it launches. This wide release, many free options, and a substantial library make HBO Max seem very promising.

Source: Deadline


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