New Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Trailer

5The new trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla was revealed today, and it’s amazing! You must watch it yourself (below), but let’s discuss some of our favorite parts. The CGI is so crisp I could be convinced at moments that this was live-action. Characters are full of detail, the settings are sprawling and alive. The voice-over is of a western king, who talks about the barbaric nature of the Vikings as he signs in a declaration of war. Every point the king makes is countered by a scene showing the rich culture of Nordic people. Their religion, society, and war tactics are all misunderstood. As the trailer continues we see the Viking raiding party approach ashore to be attacked by an army. As the battle rages, our protagonist sees a vision of Odin. He then fights a brute that seems to have the upper hand until his iconic hidden blade kills his foe and sets the stage for a Viking victory.

45We can take away some story and gameplay features from this trailer. We will most likely be a Berserker Viking wielding two axes, but I would be surprised if we never use a shield as it is so identifiable as a Viking weapon. Odin’s famed ravens will likely be our eagle/falcon companions in this version, providing a lookout. The story will be focused on a new leader as the former chieftain appears to be slain in battle. This new chieftain will be in the midst of a war on the new lands acquired by the Vikings in the west and the old frozen lands of the Norway region. Our perspective will show the non-stereotypical side of Norse culture. Sailing will return with the classic Viking raiding boats; adorned with the colorful shields on each side.

We will discuss this trailer and our prediction on the next Geeks Freaks Podcast episode.
Until then, watch and leave your opinion on the socials.

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