Overwatch Pros Find New Homes

Sinatraa with the San Fransisco Shock

Waking up this morning to see that many people are upset today with the Overwatch League. Yesterday we found out that Sinatraa (from San Francisco Shock) is retiring from the Overwatch League. Come to find out he is retiring to play Valorant for the Sentinels. Valorant’s closed beta has sparked many players’ interest. Making other pro Overwatch players wanting to crossover. I say this because on twitter we see multiple Overwatch players put “former” or “ex” in their bio. The list of players as of now are Gladiators’ eMill, Eternal’s George Gushcha, and Fuel’s Taimou. They all seem to have broken the news around the same time. One may have mentioned that everyone wants out, but I cannot confirm if that is true, also who is to say he speaks for everyone. Many pros seem to complain about Blizzard’s balance issues and how quickly they respond. They praise Valorant and the plans Riot has for competitive play. Many have mentioned that they no longer enjoy Overwatch. I think this is something that will always occur in the future. How long can one person play the same game for many years when across the street is a shiny new toy that catches the player’s attention. I don’t think this will stop here at Overwatch. I think we will see many players from other leagues making switches as well. Also, with Overwatch 2 being developed can we see the same pro players come back. Would a team accept them back? Who knows, let’s just hope the Overwatch league can continue its success it has received so far.

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