Arrowverse Schedule Revealed

With COVID effecting production around the world, some shows are being delayed or even canceled. The Arrowverse is not immune to this but luckily the entire lineup is still on it way. The new shortened seasons will start January 2021 and feature a new line up. The schedule is below but there are two things most notable. First, Flash and Superman will be on the same night. The biggest names in the Arrowverse on the same night means CW is leaning in heavily on Tuesday, believing it has the least compaction from other networks. The next thing is the lack of Legend of Tomorrow and Supergirl. They will start in the latter half of the season. This is common with Legends but a first for Supergirl. The crossover this year is said to be scaled-down compared to the massive Crisis on Infinite Earths event from last year. Instead of all the shows uniting, we will have Superman and Batwomen teaming up. It is being described as a comic book-like adventure with the opposing “hero philosophies” that must work together to save the day.


Sources: SYFY, ShowBiz Junkies, Digital Spy

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