Ruby Rose is Leaving Batwomen

Surprise news today as Ruby Rose has announced that she will not return for the CW’s Batwomen. She was cast as batwoman during 2018 for a guest role and then received her own series the year after. In a statement she says that she appreciates the cast and producers but doesn’t explain why she’s leaving. Deadline sources that are stating it may be related to an injury that she sustained during the first season that had her facing paralysis and needed emergency surgery. Both The CW and Berlanti Productions reaffirmed that they will be recasting batwoman for the next season with an LGBTQ actress.

Who do you want to take her role? How will they transition to a new actor? We’ll theorize this on the next episode of the podcast.

*Update: “According to multiple sources, Rose was unhappy with the long hours required of her as the series lead, which led to friction on the set. It was thus decided by her and the network and studio, Warner Bros. Television, that they would part ways.” – Variety

Source: Deadline

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