Gathered Gamers Is Here!

Today is the launch of our Gathered Gamers Event. This event is in response to the cancellation of E3. We are bringing you SO much content over the next month including Announcement reactions, conversations with creators, and a look at some of the biggest names in the industry. While the pod is coming your way…four times a week, you can also hang out with us on Twitch as we increase our streaming nights. Below is our schedule:

Insta calender

News of the Week

This is the classic episode you are used to. We discuss the latest in the geek world.


We talk with other streamers and podcasters about their Top 5’s of gaming.

Week 1: Kevin and Kyle – Top 5 Devs

Week 2: WNDRSOUL – Top 5 Retro Replays

Week 3: Lit Gaming Arena – Top 5 Industry Changing Games of the Decade

Week 4: Alternate Universe – Top 5 Pokemon Games

Industry Deep Dive

We take a look at some of the biggest names in gaming. Searching through their past and predicting their future.

Press Pause

These are immediate reactions to the month’s announcements. These will be right after the announcements with whoever is available.

Xbox vs PS5

We will conclude the month with a debate between the next-gen consoles, represented by our fanboys Squeaks and Frank. Squeaks is a Playstation Loyalist and had is PS5 spot reserved on his shelf for years. Frank is a ride of die Xbox fan that will always find a way to justify Microsoft’s choices.


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