Carole Gains Control of Joe Exotic’s Zoo

Tiger King has been a welcomed distraction for the US with fans eagerly watching Joe Exotic run is Tiger Zoo and feud with Carole Baskin. Joe’s zoo was a problematic tourist spot where tigers were bred for photo-friendly cubs. Carole has been the target of some internet hate but her sanctuary is a far better home for tigers. They only take in abandoned tigers to live out their lives in relative peace. After the crazy events of the series, the zoos still existed, even if Joe was in jail.

A 2016 federal case has just shifted things to a better future for the tigers. A judge of the Western District Court of Oklahoma made a ruling on a 2016 case granting Carole Baskin Joe’s zoo called The G.W. Exotic Animal Memorial Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. The current owner is still Jeff but he has now been given 120 days to leave the property and take his tigers with him.

Presumably, Carole will use her new zoo to expand here rescue efforts or shut it down completely. All this additional news will eventually affect the two new series that are currently in production starring Nick Cage and Kate McKinnon.

Source: Deadline

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