Scarecrow Joins Batwoman

Batwoman has been in the air after Ruby Rose announced that she would not be returning to the role for season 2, but we have two important leaks revealing the future of the series. First, we learn from casting that Kate Kane will not be the future Batwoman, meaning the new actor will be a new character. They will be killing Rose’s Kane to start the season and leave a vacuum for a new Batwoman.

The new Batwoman will be Ryan Wilder who is inspired to pick up the cowl after the new villain Scarecrow kills her brother. This sets up our new Batwoman and a series-long villain with a personal grudge. Scarecrow is also very CGI friendly with a simple mask and the main attack being gas-based. This is setting up for a good continuation of Batwoman in the Arrowverse.

Source: The Direct

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