Blizzard Bans 74,000 WoW Classic Accounts for Using Bots

Blizzard bans 74,000 WoW Classic accounts for using bots to gather supplies. World of Warcraft Classic is still going strong with dedicated players working hard to maintain it’s economy. All WoW servers (classic and retail) have their our economies based on supply and demand with the Auction House as the hub. The currency simply called gold, is used to purchase supplies, gear, mounts, and more. With supply and demand in full swing, the rise of gold makers, that call themselves Goblins, is inevitable. This has become its own version of playing the game, alongside raiding content and player vs player battlegrounds. Unfortunately, like any other game, there can be cheaters. Players will employ “bots” to automatically gather profession supplies and put them on the auction house. This is often done overnight as the player sleeps. In the morning they post a massive load of new materials. This huge influx to the economy throws things out of balance, with some markets crashing and not showing the value of honest players’ efforts. Blizzard has combated the problem since the game’s launch, 17 years ago. Of course, the bots made their way to Classic as well where the gold per effort is even tougher. This massive ban wave is meant as an economy rescue and a symbol to the future cheater.

Source: PC Gamer

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