EA Play Live

EA had their E3 replacement event streamed on all major platforms and revealing some upcoming titles. The stream felt a lot like going to a convention. For those unfamiliar to convention attendance, these events don’t just go trailer to trailer but actually fill the event with a behind-the-scenes look at the development process. Featurettes showing off early concept art and interviews then followed by a trailer or gameplay footage.

The highlight of the stream was more detail for Star Wars: Squadrons. The impact was slightly deflated when the game leaked early and EA had to confirm the game early. Luckily we got a lot more detail revealing that this is not simply a free-to-play microtransactions machine but a full-fledged game. It will have both single and multiplayer. The single-player story follows two pilots on opposing sides. Multiplayer offers a 5v5 Dogfight mode or Fleetbattle mode with different roles and objectives. The better the player, the better the game. You have full control of your ship with the ability to shift shields to a specific part or pull power from other systems to boost other systems. This game is coming to most systems and will be fully crossplay. Releasing October 2nd!

Apex Legends is getting a new event called Lost Treasures Collection Event that unlocks all kinds of new maps and even a new play mode. Also, Apex is coming to Steam today and Switch soon!

Skate is back! The team behind Skate says the game is still a long way off but if on the way. They wanted to thank the fans because the fan lead campaign made this happen.

Annotation 2020-06-18 174914

EA might be best known for its sports games, and the tent poles are FIFA and Madden. The new combined trailer shows some of the explosive action.

The talented Josef Fares next game revealed a stunning trailer that combines gameplay with a story in It Takes Two.

There was a beautiful new game revealed with a Tim Burton feel following a game based on the randomness of a dice roll. Lost in Random is going to be a hit!

There was a Bioware game just barely teased that shows a dark world with ruins and a spreading fungus like corruption. This may be a new IP or a sequel to one of Bioware’s stable like Dragon Age.

Annotation 2020-06-18 175848

You can check out the full event and some of the smaller games revealed here from EA:


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