Stalker Online Hacked and 1.2 Million User’s Data is for Sale

The personal information of Stalker Online players is now on sale on the Deep Web after a cyberattack. Stalker Online is a post-apocalypse MMORPG popular in Russia and Eastern Europe and Developed in Australia. The game has more than 1.2 million users, all of which are now vulnerable. The hacker stole players’ logins, phone numbers, email addresses, and IP addresses. The information of both players and forum users are now for sale on the dark web.

The hacker-for-hire is the infamous Instakilla. No information yet on whether or not they were hired for this job. They gained access by penetrating then changing the Stalker Online homepage. The page was replaced with a message stating to contact them for “assistance in securing your web server” and threatening to release the data online.

from CyberNews

If you are a user or player of BigWorld’s Stalker Online then you must change your password immediately. Big World has not made a statement yet.

Sources: CyberNews, Security Boulevard

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