New PS5 Patent Shows Possible Multiscreen Feature

Sony has filed a new patent on June 26th that was discovered by patent watchdogs Patentscope showing a new multiscreen feature. This is most likely for the PS5 and may not be ready for launch. The patent explains that the feature gives users the main screen and a “sub” screen. The viewer can play on the main screen and use the second screen to watch friends, streamers, control audio, and more. This looks similar to picture-in-picture, a feature for televisions that was popular in the ’90s.

“In either mode, the main screen display and the sub screen display may continue updating the respective screens. As a result, the user can play the game displayed on the main screen while viewing the video displayed on the sub screen, or can confirm the status of the game in progress on the main screen and display the contents on the sub screen.” – Patent

One of the patent images shows the sub-screen on the side with the information below. The information looks like a feed similar to Discord or maybe a Twitch chat. This is a small feature but could be a fan favorite, especially if they allow you to stream Netflix on the sub-screen. wg5huRLWKVEk8fp3WBUIunClakBEHo9cLPOF4uC7

Sources: Patentscope, TheGamingRecord

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