Call of Duty League Caster Momo Fired

Call of Duty League caster Phillip “Momo” Whitfield has been fired by Activision Blizzard following sexual assault allegations. This is just the latest in an industry-wide clean up of sexual abuse in eSports.

Whitfield revealed on twitter that he was let go on June 30th after a series of women came to Activision Blizzard to report inappropriate behavior. Due to the ongoing investigation, he does not reveal any details on the case. Whitfield does admit that he was “flirting” with these women and if he knew that they were uncomfortable then we would have stopped. He doesn’t take the blame though, claiming he is a different person then he was at the time.

Some on social media are upset with Activision for not making the termination more public. If they announced the firing, it would send a message to others in the industry that the company is taking a firm stance. Activision has not responded to these complaints.

Source: Phillip Whitfield Twitlonger

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