Shadowlands Developer Update

Blizzard held a Developer Update live stream on July 8th with a state of the game after three months of alpha and what’s to come. Alpha has been very active with over 60,000 bugs reported. They are now at the point where they feel comfortable starting beta next week. That means next week we will get a wave of new invites to join tests. We at Geek Freaks will stream our gameplay and give weekly updates on the podcast. Be sure to sign up for the beta on your Blizzard account.

Some of the big announcements:

  • Collector’s Edition returns to form with a mouse pad, soundtrack, and pins
  • Unlimited runs to the popular Torghast
  • The Soulbind Conduits will be changeable based on your needs
  • Each Covenant have three major systems and one unique system
    • Venthyr – Ember Court: You host a party and complete tasks for a chance at loot
    • Kyrian – Path of Ascension: Use your soulbinds in an escalating arena
    • Necrolords – Abomination Factory: Build your companion and find perks to upgrade them
    • Night Fae – Queen’s Conservatory: I farm similar to that in Pandaria
  • Theater of Pain Dungeon Reveal
    • Non-linear route based on your early faction choice
  • The Maw will be a location we return to at the endgame. We will meet with someone that gives us more perks to make the Maw for hospitable. This will be more sandbox oriented like Mechagon
  • Future beta plans:
    • Castle Nathria testing
    • Shadowlands Mythic+
    • Legendary Runecrafting
    • Covenant Campaigns
    • PVP testing with everything unlocked
    • Character copies
    • Polish and tuning

Surprisingly no release date was announced. Watch the full stream below:

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