Quibi Loses 90% of Its Users

We’ve covered the new streaming service Quibi on the podcast and discussed its perks and many flaws, especially the similarities to free YouTube. After three months, it looks like the general public had the same sentiment. Early in Quibi’s launch, they had 910,00 users but after the three-month free trial, they have plummeted to 72,000. Quibi has some tough competition due to its initial phone-only limit. That means it competed with YouTube that is free and has established celebrities, and TikTok with an explosion of middle-aged users during the quarantine. In comparison,  The Verge notes that Disney Plus had “more than 50 million users in April”. That’s in a content drought with nothing of note coming to the service. Quibi CEO’s are trying to save the service by promising a non-mobile app for PC, Amazon Firestick, Consoles, and more.

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