Universal and AMC Come to an Agreement

Universal Studios and AMC have come to an agreement on a 17-day release window for upcoming films. Universal Studios made waves when they announced in April that they will no longer release films exclusively in theaters after the success of Trolls 2: World Tour. AMC was quick to respond stating that no Universal film will be in one of their theaters. The two have been battling since then. You can learn more from our past articles.

According to Deadline, this new multiyear deal gives theaters a 17-day window of exclusivity on Universal films, after which, Universal can release them to the home audience. The previous agreement was a three-month window.

 “The theatrical experience continues to be the cornerstone of our business.  The partnership we’ve forged with AMC is driven by our collective desire to ensure a thriving future for the film distribution ecosystem and to meet consumer demand with flexibility and optionality.”

  • Donna Langley, UFEG Chairman

There has not been any reporting on a change in the fiscal split. Presumably, it will still be 50/50. This was a big drive for home release for Universal because they received an 80/20 split with video-on-demand platforms.

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