Xbox Series S Confirmed by Leaked Xbox Controller

On August 9th, confirmation of the Xbox Series S came from the box of a leaked Xbox Controller. Twitter user @TinyRakan first posted the pictures of the Xbox controller and it’s box. The account is not terribly big but is followed by the Xbox Support Twitter account, giving them legitimacy. The controller is “Robot” White and looks very similar to an Xbox One Elite controller with the circular D-pad. The big leak comes from the controller’s container. On the side, it lists everything it will work with, including PC, iOS, Xbox One, and more. At the top, it states “Xbox Series X/S”, showing support for the already announced Xbox Series X and the not yet announced Series S. The Series S has been rumoured for a while, nicknamed Lockhart, and will be a disk-less version of the next-gen console. Xbox will presumably officially announce the new system soon with additional information on the specs. There is speculation the system may also be paired down in power as well to achieve as low of a price as possible. We will update this article as soon as we have more info.

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