DC Layoffs

As part of Warner Bros. restructuring, DC Comics and DC Universe have been forced to layoff hundreds of employees. The layoffs affect all tiers as even DC Comics’ editor-in-chief Bob Harras, Senior VP Hank Kanalz, and editors Brian Cunningham and Mark Doyle are all out of work.

DC Universe specifically hit as WB focuses on it’s new streaming service HBO Max. Two of DCU’s most successful shows are shifting over their. With Doom Patrol season 2 premiering on HBO Max and both seasons of Harley Quinn on their way. Geoff John’s Stargirl is moving to CW with the rest of the Arrowverse next year.

Jim Lee

According to Variety sources, “the DC brand will actually be expanding” through WB’s restructuring. DC’s expansion is being led by DC Legend Jim Lee. Lee’s work as an artist and writer has earned him many awards and is responsible for much of modern DC character design.

Unfortunately, so many in the DC family are now unemployed, and we hope they find a new home quickly. Remember to help support the comic industry every Wednesday and head to your local shop.

Sources: Variety, CBR

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