Apple Kicks Fortnite Off the iOS *Update*

Apple’s tight hold on iOS is being exercised again with the removal of the Fortnite App after Epic implemented in-app purchases. With this new payment process, Apple loses out on their 30% cut. The in-app purchase are also live on Andriod phones but Google has not removed the app yet. Apple refuses to budge on their App Store rules which have also caused problems with Project xCloud and Fortnite in the past.

in-app purchase screenshot from The Verge

Epic is notorious for using its massive Fortnite income to make a statement. First was the 12% cut instead of Steam’s 30% on the PC launchers, then the free games every Thursday to pull people in, and here they are dropping v-buck prices. They announced that v-bucks can now be cheaper because they don’t need to worry about the Apple cut. Normally 1,000 v-bucks are $10 but now it’s only $8 if you use their direct payment process. This move makes Epic look like the good guys to the consumers and put the blame back on Apple if the prices need to go back up. In truth, Epic is simply breaking previous agreements to bring attention to a situation they feel is unfair.

*Update* Google has now removed Fortnite from their store as well. Epic has escalated their attacks by first suing Apple and Google saying they are a monopoly and claiming they are representing thousands of apps. Epic then released a video mimicking Apple’s famed 1984 ad. The new video shows a Fortnite character shattering an screen with a talking Apple. Spotify has come out in support of Epic saying “We applaud Epic Games decision to take a stand against Apple”. We will see many companies take side in what looks to be a long battle. This could change the industry. We’ll keep you updated here.



Sources: The Verge, CNBC, Cnet


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