Top 5 DC FanDome Reveals

Today we had DC’s FanDome, a virtual convention focused on all the hottest new projects coming our way. We have been disappointed with conventions this year as companies attempted to adapt their announcement plans to a virtual world in light of the pandemic. But this one had me excited. The lead up was well advertised and the rumors of what will be shown were stirring. It felt like a real convention. Here are my Top 5 DC FanDome reveals:

5. The Suicide Squad Teaser

Part sequel, part reboot. The Suicide Squad brings little from the first movie and reinvents superhero film. Described as a “70’s action movie”, this set looks more like Rambo than Justice League. And best of all, James Gunn is at the helm. This is going to be a blast to watch!

4. Black Adam Featurette

I went into FanDome most excited for news about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Black Adam. This is a complicated and dynamic villain that does not fit the mold of others. He is bad but for possibly the right reason. He becomes worst, but can you blame him? He can hold his own against the Justice League and join them when there is a more dangerous threat. Black Adam is the least utilized badass in DC. The Rock is going to fix that.

3. Cheetah from Wonder Woman 1984

We have been speculating since casting reveals on what Cheetah will look like in the upcoming Wonder Woman. DC tends to either go big like Aquaman or toned down like Christopher Nolan’s Batmans. With this new trailer, we see that for Wonder Woman 1984, they are going BIG. Cheetah is CGI heavy and looks similar to the comics. The whole film is very bright with vibrant colors fitting the 80’s era. I look forward to seeing Kristen Wiig bring Cheetah to life.

2. Gotham Knights

Let’s do some gaming! We had two new games revealed with Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights. Suicide Squad looks good but we are amidst a bounty of amazement and it couldn’t make the list. Gotham Knights, however, had the number one spot for a while. This is what I want out of a Batman game, The Bat Family. The team around the Dark Knight are varied and heroes in their own right. Here we have four of the best: Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and my favorite Robin, Damian Wayne. They all have unique abilities and playstyles as they try to fill the shoes of a missing Batman.

1.The Batman!

I’ve been a Robert Pattinson supporter since his casting announcement, but not everyone was on board. This trailer gave us the best look yet at what a Pattinson Batman would be. This is a rough, early Batman. His attacks are fast and aggressive. He is more vigilante than a hero. And a serial killer is leaving him clues. I am excited for this one! There should be no doubt in Pattinson’s capability to play Batman after this trailer.

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