Xbox Recent Announcements

We have had a few confirmed reveals from Xbox the past few days, let’s dig in!

First, we have the Xbox S. This system is coming in at the very low price of $299; that’s the price of the original Xbox. This deal comes at the cost of the Xbox’s raw power. Instead of the 12 TFLOPS of the Series X, you are only getting 4 TFLOPS with the Series S. And instead of 4k-8k gaming you are stuck with 1440p. This is a dramatic drop in performance but could be a good choice for casual gamers or the console for the kid’s room.

Next we have a release date for both systems. On November 10th, you can grab a Series X for $499 or Series S for $299. Preorders start September 22nd.

The last bit of news is EA Play is now joining Game Pass Ultimate. For no additional charge, you will gain access to the entire EA Play Library. This includes Madden, Star Wars Battlefront, Skate 3, and much more!

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