New Studio from Blizzard CoFounder

Blizzard co-founder Mike Morhaime is coming out of retirement to start a new game studio, Dreamhaven. Mike left Blizzard in 2019 after a long career at the helm. He is seen as the representative of Blizzard’s very best like World of Warcraft’s peak, Overwatch’s huge launch, and StarCraft’s well-balanced eSports life. While new president J. Allen Brack is seen as an Activision “company man”, Mike was a guy that simply wanted to make quality games. This is how he is perceived by fans. Legend more than man. But now Mike is back with a new studio.

Mike Morhaime

Dreamhaven is a studio focused on game quality and the developer’s passion. Mike Morhaime wants the new place to be a safe haven for developers wanting to leave the strict release schedules and monitored budgets of the bigger studios. Within the studio is two developer wings. Secret Door will be working on small indie titles with a goal of bringing people together. Their motto: Stay small, Adapt, Make an impact. The other developer is Moonshot Games. This one is vague but looks to be the more ambitious wing and leans on world-building and creativity.

Many Blizzard alums have joined the staff and they are in the process of hiring more. It’s likely some additional Blizzard employees will make the move with both being in Irvine, California, and pay being an issue at Blizzard. As players, this is great news all the way around. A new studio ran by a legend and focused on quality. And more competition for Blizzard to keep them on their toes.

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