Adis Hodge in Talks to Play Hawkman

“Black Adam” may have found its Hawkman! Aldis Hodge is in talks to play Hawkman and his alter ego, Carter Hall.

Adis Hodge

Hodge is known best for Levi in “Hidden Figures”, MC Ren in “Straight Outta Compton”, and Alec in “Leverage”. He’s one of those actors you’ve seen everywhere.


Hawkman is usually Carter Hall and has two main origins. The first a reincarnated ancient Egyptian prince named Khufu. The second is an alien police officer. Hawkgirl is usually close and hand and in recent years has been more popular due to her appearance on the Justice League animated series and Legends of Tomorrow. Because this Hawkman will be joining Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Black Adam it’s likely he will be the Egyptian Prince with a shared past. Both Black Adam and Hawkman are mainstays of DC Comics that are long overdue for the big screen.

Source: The Wrap, THR

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