Batman Narrative Podcast coming to Spotify

Batman Unburied

Podcasts and audiobooks are on the rise lately. Some podcasters become celebrities and companies like Audible are household names. With the resurgence of the audio medium, a classic is coming back. Audio dramas were the focus of the family every night in the 1940s but now we are seeing big companies investing in them again for podcasts and audiobooks. One of the most notable is DC Comics who recently produced The Sandman. Their next project is a Batman podcast drama called Batman Unburied. Spotify has secured the exclusive license, the latest in Spotify’s attempt to dominate the podcast market. The story is new but promises to be a darker look into the Dark Knight. The drama will be produced by David S. Goyer of Phantom Four Production Company.

“I’ve been a fan of narrative podcasts for some time and was looking for the right story — returning to Batman seems like the perfect opportunity. We’ll be using the unique advantages of audio to dig into the more nightmarish members of the Dark Knight’s Rogues Gallery.”

David S. Goyer, Producer

This is the first in a new line of DC audio dramas coming to Spotify. For other audio dramas to check out we suggest DC’s The Sandman, Marvel’s Wolverine: The Lost Trail, and Serial Box.

Source: GamesRadar, Batman News

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