Call of Duty Bans 20,000 Cheaters


Activision and Infinity Ward threw out the ban hammer on about 20,000 Call of Duty players to start season 6. These cheaters were primarily using a subscription service called EngineOwning. For a small monthly fee, you can have overlays showing players behind walls, a radar revealing the locations of everyone else, and of course an aimbot to never miss. EngineOwning is a popular cheating tool in other games like Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront too. For many players, cheaters are the end of the line. Games like PUBG have seen their player count plummet after cheaters began to run rampant and unchecked. Activision and Infinity Ward won’t let Call of Duty share the same fate. This is just the latest ban wave with 70,000 players being removed in April and July. Infinity Ward took to Twitter to announce they have banned over 200,000 players since launch and won’t stop their pursuits.

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