Shadowlands Delayed

Well it happened, World of Warcraft’s next expansion Shadowlands has been delayed to some time later this year. Blizzard released a statement explaining they want to continue to polish the expansion and balance the endgame content. Shadowlands has many systems that rely on each other, making Blizzard reporters worried by the lack of finishing norms lately. People had expected pre-patch by Sept. 29th. An event before an expansion that narratively ushers in the next story while implementing the changes to already established systems. There were also major changes coming to beta at a time when the team should be just making small adjustments.

Many WoW personalities have focused their content on whether or not the game would be delayed. The consensus boiled down to the game should be delayed to make sure it’s as good as possible but that Blizzard’s parent company Activision Blizzard would not let them delay. It was a rare situation that when a delay was announced that most fans were sad but also pleased to see quality came first. Something players used to know Blizzard for but of late had faltered. There are two pieces of good news. First, the confirmed that Pre-Patch would be coming October 13th, giving players something to do while they wait. This first pre-patch will have the leveling changes, new starting zone, and customization options. The other positive is a big beta wave that went out this morning giving many new players a chance to check on the game’s progress. We were included in the beta (finally) and will be streaming some of the new things to come.

This delay also delays our charity stream. We will update you on the release date and more details of the stream as the information arrives.

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