Caves and Cliffs Update Coming for Minecraft

We have a massive new update revealed during this year’s Minecon 2020. Patch 1.17 is being called Caves & Cliffs and brings some major improvements to some of the most baseline aspects of the game. These improvements were voted on by attendees of the 2018 Minecon and a point of discussion on the forums for years.

The biggest change comes to the caves, an integral aspect of the cave. The player often spends hours under the surface looking for needed materials. The zone becomes predictable and monotonous as the player becomes a more experienced miner. This new update offers a variety like lush overgrowth, dripping rocks, wide open caverns, and giant underground lakes. These are being added to the old cave system and not replacing. Look for the new cave systems marked by Azalea trees on the surface.

Along with new caves are new creatures. First is the Mountain Goat. They can headbutt players and other creatures right off the mountainside. Goats can also traverse the now more dynamic mountains by jumping up multiple blocks at once. Axolotls are joining the waters of Minecraft and can even be tamed as a loyal pet that will defend you against underwater dangers. They are found in cave waters but can be by your side in any pool of water. Lastly is a new threat lurking in the shadows, The Warden! The behemoth detects sound and will attack based on vibration. The player’s steps will call the attention of The Warden and things like Snowballs and Arrows can be used to steer the monster away from you.

These changes will be coming to the java and bedrock versions Summer 2021!

Sources: Polygon, Eurogamer

Attention by: FlyPirate

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