Fall Guys Season 2 Out Now!

Fall Guys season 2 is here and with it comes a bunch of medieval addition.

New Levels

We’re getting four new medieval-themed levels joining the rotation. Knight Fever is an obstacle race with swing blades ready to make you fly off the stage. Wall Guys is a practice in castle siege. Move pieces to build stairs and make your way over the walls. Egg Siege sees playing trying to steal eggs and get across lifting drawbridges. The last new level is Hoopsie Legends. Using draggable blocks to hop through rings and claim them for your team.

New Costumes

It’s not medieval without Knights and Wizards. Dress the part as a Wizard, Witch, Dragon, Viking, Valkyrie, and of course a knight!

More Customizations

The long-awaited custom nameplates are here. After the initial launch, players quickly abused the Fall Guys names the used your Steam name on PC. To stop the problem, Mediatonic just eliminated all unique names and forced players to use names like Fall Guy #1234. The custom names will bring back your identity within their control so they can monitor the abuse. You can also select a random custom outfit option to keep things fresh each match.

New Game Mode

New mode for Fall Guys. Image from GamesRadar

The most important update is a new game mode called Gauntlet Showdown. This new mode removes all the team-based games. If you ask a player what map they hate, it’ll usually be a team-based map (soccer for me). Well, now you can choose the solo challenges while still queuing with up to four friends. I have a feeling this will become the favored mode of the game.

Sources: CBR, GamesRadar

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