GameStop and Microsoft Sign Multiyear Deal

GameStop and Microsoft have signed a multiyear deal to keep the retail store relevant and modernize their practices. The announcement came from a GameStop Press Release that breaks down the changes coming to GameStop.

GameStop will “standardize” how things work behind the counter. All the inventory, shopper information, and finances will be changing to Microsoft’s cloud-based business application called Dynamics 365. This will update how GameStop does business and let it better integrate with the evolving gaming industry. Here is an example of how that might affect you; most GameStop shoppers are familiar with the process of purchasing something with digital benefits from the retail store. They print up a receipt and you input a code in the proper place. This is clearly an antiquated way of doing business in today’s gaming industry.

Store associates will also be equipped with a Surface tablet. We’ve seen this new open floor model in many phone company storefronts. The associate will be out on the floor instead of behind the counter. With the tablet, they can look up your profile and see games that you might like based on your purchasing history. You can then purchase a game and either get the physical version or a digital version that will attach to your Microsoft account. If you have the option set on your device, the game will start downloading before you are even home.
Another new benefit coming to GameStop is Xbox All-Access. This is the payment planned from Microsoft that offers a system and Game Pass for a monthly rate for two years. GameStop will now be a location that offers this deal and receive a piece of the pie.

GameStop is going through a major redesign and this new partnership is a promising sign of what to come. This could be how all retail companies must evolve to stay relevant.

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