xCloud Coming to iOS

Apple’s strict rules have been in the spotlight with antitrust hearings, Epic Games court case, and xCloud denial, but we may have evidence of some leniency. Last week Amazon revealed their new game streaming service called Luna. It’s a pretty standard affair with similar services like Stadia and xCloud with one major difference. Luna will be playable on iOS through a web app. Basically using the iOS’ internet browser to run the service. In comparison, this is like watching Youtube on Safari instead of the Youtube app.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer followed Amazon’s lead and announced to their employees that they will be using the same technique to bring xCloud to iPhones and iPads. Apple’s Safari team will be working with them to get this accomplished. During the same conference call, Spencer revealed the streaming service is also coming to PC in 2021. This is great news for Microsoft and Apple fans alike. a sign that Apple is willing to work with others and Microsoft will reach more players.

Sources: Engadget, Verge, Business Insider

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