New Hearthstone Expansion: Madness at the Darkmoon Faire

We are going to the fair in the new expansion of Hearthstone, and we may find some old friends.

credit Blizzard Entertainment

Old Gods
The Old Gods have returned to wreak havoc. Build a deck around C’thun, Y’Shaarj, or Yogg-Saron for unique playstyles. Take things to the next level with Old God artifacts that add crazy new effects.

credit Blizzard Entertainment

Corruption has left WoW and came to Hearthstone. Corrupt cards upgrade while in your hand whenever you play a higher cost card. The card even changes appearance when corrupted, nice work dev team!

credit Blizzard Entertainment

A much-requested game mode is here! Duels let you compete with others in dungeon runs. This is a fun mix of PvP and PvE that will force players to build decks with speed in mind. Each match players will gain new cards, some so powerful they could change the tide of battle.

credit Blizzard Entertainment

Revamp to Progression and Rewards
We are getting a new achievement system giving you new goals to hunt down. The new Reward Track area will be your hub for all new rewards to unlock. Quest Revamp cleans up the daily and weekly quest system to make your goals more clear. The profile page has been upgraded to show players’ stats and achievements.

credit Blizzard Entertainment

Pre-Purchase is live NOW! Login into Hearthstone and check out your bundle options.

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