Halo Infinite and Everwild Experience Development Woes This Week

Microsoft’s Halo Infinite and Everwild both hit some speed bumps this week.

Everwild lost its creative director Simon Woodroffe, who resigned from Rare. No reason was given for Woodroffe’s departure, but sources tell VGC that he has been absent since submitting his resignation early this month. Rare says Everwild is in good hands and still on course.

Halo Infinite also lost a key member. Director Chris Lee is stepping down from 343 Industries. This follows a big delay and an increase in Halo veteran developers. Could this be a sign of 343 being phased out?

Other problems for Halo arose when it was revealed that Halo Infinite will have skins for players, weapons, and vehicles called “Coatings.” These customizations will follow the microtransactions business model. Community manager John Junyszek responded saying all customizations can be unlocked through in-game currency.

Still no release dates for Halo Infinite or Everwild. The Series X will release on November 10th.

Sources: Gamespot, Engadget

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