Audible Review: Star Trek Voyager – Architects of Infinity

First Time With Audible

Being my first Audible book I really enjoyed the experience. I would mostly listen while driving or cleaning the house. Sometimes I found myself so focused on the story that I would be standing in front of the sink with dirty dishes in my hands just listening. The app keeps my place, and it’s easy to jump back 30 seconds when I’ve stepped away for a while and want to remember where I was before I get back to the story.

Narration: January LaVoy

This book was very well narrated. As with all Star Trek stories, this one has a wide range of very different characters, and I feel the narrator did a good job giving them each a different sound and personality.

Story: Author – Kirsten Beyer

This story was a mix of emotions. Overall I say it was good, but the main plotline left me a little disappointed. Much of the story was character-driven, analyzing complex challenges between crew member relationships and personal dilemmas. It reflected some of our modern controversial topics in a perspective that can be better understood in a science-fiction context. What best drew my attention was the main story arch about a strange new planet and alien technology they discovered. Parts of this were described so vividly I could only imagine the budget I would request to have this made into a movie with James Cameron at the helm. A mix of mystical beauty with a touch of horror. Alas, what disappointed me was the great reveal. Beyer did a good job at getting me hyped up but at the big reveal, I was a little underwhelmed. It’s hard to say much about it without spoiling the story, but I feel like it could have had a greater meaning behind it all. With that being said, it did leave an open thread to lead to the next book that might help validate this ending. So I reserve the right to change my opinion later. The next book in this series is Star Trek Voyager: To Lose The Earth. I am eager to read the next installment, but I think I might roll it back to the beginning of this series and read them in order.


This was a good story and really made me want more Voyager and the full circle fleet. I can’t wait to read more. 

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