World of Warcraft Turn 16

It’s WoW’s sweet 16! World of Warcraft was first released on November 23, 2004. Players can take part in events and earn rewards to celebrate. Just logging in before November 22nd gives you the 16th Anniversary Achievement, and receive a Gift Package. The package includes a token that gives you a 16% experience buff for 1 hour.

Players above level 30 can take on some of WoW earliest bosses. Defeat Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, and a Dragon of Nightmare to grab 50 Timewarp Badges.

Return to Alterac Valley and play the old school way. You can’t just rush the bosses. Players will need to collect items of fallen foes that are turned in to bring in reinforcements. Get the achievements done and earn either the Frostwolf Snarler or the Stormpike Battle Ram.

Hang out in the Cavern of Time! Play some Khadgar-ball Soccer, listen to Elite Tauren Chieftain, and even hammer on the Scarab Gong.

Before the event ends, check out the vendor. New and exclusive items are here.

Sources: MMO-Champ, WoWHead

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