New Patch and Future Plans for Among Us

Among Us gets some new features in an update, and more promised in the future.

The new patch adds an Anonymous Voting option that will make all votes appear grey. Taskbar modes that give us Alway Mode (how the game works now), Meeting Mode that updates the bar during a meeting, and Invisible Mode that removes the taskbar. New cosmetics to further customize your character. And some changes to tasks to make them easier to understand.

In future updates, we are getting accounts. With accounts, we can track our stats and create friends lists. We can also report players that are being toxic or cheating. The account will be “barebone” but built on as updates are released. Accounts should be available in December.

A new Henry Stickman themed map! This will be the lagers map and include all new tasks. Stickmen is a collection of indie games published by Among Us publishers Innersloth.

The last things are colorblind support and language options. Soon Among Us will be translated into additional languages. The first pass at colorblind support has been released. Additional changes coming to make the game more accessible.

Innersloth promises this is just the start of updates for Among Us.

Source: Steam Update Page

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