Geek Freaks and AEE are Teaming Up!

Exciting news! We’ve been working with All Everything Entertainment over the last month. We are excited to announce we will be joining forces! All our podcast episodes can be found on the AEE SoundCloud stream. If you are already subbed then no worries, we’re still on all the other platforms as usual. You can also find our articles both on their site and right here at

AEE is a network of hard-working podcasters and writers that want to create a home for all your entertainment and sports news. We are excited to work with them to spread the Geek Freaks news to more people and bring some new content creators to you!

To kick things off, we’re are going to post some of our greatest hits on their site. Come on by and join us!

Top 5 Netflix Intros

Boba Fett Series Begins Filming

Johnny Depp Fired From Fantastic Beasts

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