Halo 4 Comes to PC!

343 Industries just announced Halo 4 will be joining Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC. You can download the remastered campaign on November 17 through Steam or the Microsoft Store. If you’re a console player, you can already start playing.

Halo 4 was originally launched in 2012 and took Master Chief and Cortana to an unknown planet. They fight to survive against the ancient mechanical Prometheans. the two find a new clever nemesis Didact, who wants to see Earth and the human race destroyed. Events of the campaign put a strain on Chief and Cortana’s relationship with UNSC, leading to Halo 5’s hunt for Cortana.

This will be the final game added to the Master Chief Collection. Other titles in the collection include Halo 1-3, Reach, and ODST. The complete game is $39.99, or you can grab just Halo 4 for $9.99. They are all included in Xbox’s Game Pass.

Source: Xbox YouTube Channel

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