Top 5 Military Movies

It’s Veteran’s Day in America, and we take this time to honor those who fought for our freedom.

Today we are looking at our Top 5 Military Films. From the decimation of war to the comradery of brothers, these films give us a peek of the veteran’s sacrifice.

5. The Messenger

This film follows two Casualty Notification Officers played by Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster. They must inform the families of fallen soldiers of their loved one’s death. We see the toll it takes on the families and the messengers themselves. This heartbreaking movie greatly expresses the sacrifice of our soldiers.

4. Courage Under Fire

Denzel Washington is tapped to investigate the life of the first woman to win a posthumous Medal of Honor played by Meg Ryan. Washington learns of Ryan’s brave career and the family she leaves behind. This film does an excellent job depicting the fog of war and its effect on our soldiers.

3. Fury

A Sherman tank crew band together to survive the brutal World War 2 battles. Fury excels in showing the comradery of men from different backgrounds. It also has a stellar cast with Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Jon Bernthal, Michael Pena, and Logan Lerman.

2. The Hurt Locker

This Iraq War thriller shows the lives of soldiers taken with disposing of bombs and IEDs. Jeremy Renner’s character shows the great strains of insecurity and constant loss. The Hurt Locker picked Best Director and Best Picture at the Oscars in 2010.

1.Saving Private Ryan

This is a masterpiece from Spielberg and features Tom Hanks as Captain Miller. His troops are sent into World War 2 ravaged Europe to find Private Ryan. This outstanding cast is bar-none the best portrayal of a band of brothers. Hanks as their leader shows poise yet vulnerability. A man just trying to finish his duty and return home. Saving Private Ryan is a must-watch movie.

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