Rumored Red Hood Series Coming to HBO Max

HBO Max is grabbing another DC property. A Titans spinoff about Red Hood is in the works. This will follow Jason Todd and likely explain his origin story. The series could accomplish this much like Arrow with flashbacks that relate to his current crimefighting efforts. Red Hood has been trending lately with the upcoming Gotham Knights game and his successful comic series, RED HOOD: OUTLAW.

Red Hood, Jason Todd, was the second Robin after Dick Grayson. He was a thug that Batman found stealing the tires off the Batmobile. As Robin, Jason was aggressive and often disagreed with Batman’s passive stance. In the comic book story A Death in the Family, Todd was tricked to a house with Joker. Joker killed Todd and his mother. The fans had the option to save Todd but voted that he dies.

Jason Todd came back to life after Superboy Prime…punches reality until Todd was resurrected. After New 52, it was the Lazareth Pit that brings him back. They will probably use New 52. He is now an anti-hero protecting Gotham in his own way. Again, Arrow is a good comparison. Red Hood is much like season one Arrow, killing for the greater good.

Source: Vulcan Reporter, Cosmic News

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