The Mandalorian: Chapter 11 The Heiress Review

*Spoiler Warning*

This is the way. This week’s episode of The Mandalorian is one of the most lore filled episodes we’ve gotten yet. Fans of co-creator Dave Filoni were in for a real treat. His contribution to the Star Wars universe returns as a popular Clone Wars storyline was continued in The Mandalorian.


Mando and crew arrive at their destination and reunite last week’s Frog Lady and her husband. Mando follows more leads aboard a fishing vessel to other Mandalorians. “It’s a trap!” The crew of the vessel attacks Mando, but he is saved by three Mandalorians. Star Wars fans feel the hype build as they recognize one of their helmets. After the would-be pirates are dispatched, the Mandalorians reveal themselves and… take off their helmets.

Kryze and Team without helmets

Ok, let’s pause and address a few things. Mando is shocked by this because he was taught that Mandalorians never remove their helmets in front of others. His shock makes the others assume he’s part of The Watch. The Watch is from Clone Wars. In a simplified version, they are a faction from Mandalore that wanted to return the society to old ways of war and conquest. That was at a time when a Mandalorian Duchess was trying to evolve Mandalore into a peaceful and advanced culture. If you want more of this amazing story you must watch the “Clone War: The Mandalore Plot.” Eventually, The Watch falls and Darth Maul takes over the planet. Mandalore is later liberated by the Dutchess’ sister Bo-Katan Kryze while wielding the Darksaber. Kryse is the leader of this band that saves Mando and is on the hunt for the Darksaber, last seen with Moff Gideon at the end of season one. Side note, the history of the Darksaber is a whole other article but know that it’s important to Mandalorians. Ok, end of the history lesson.

Bo-Katan Kryze

Mando teams up with Kryze’s crew for a heist. They are going to rob an Empire transport ship full of weapons. The four Mandalorians make quick work of the Storm Troopers aboard. They secure the weapons but Kryze tells the captain she’s taking the ship. Mando is not happy with the change of plans but continues to help. He proves his bravery again as he runs grenades into a hail of blaster fire and takes out a group of Trooper alone. They gain control of the ship, and Kryze questions the captain. He confirms the Darksaber is with Moff Gideon and takes his own life. We finish the episode with Kryze offering a home to Mando, and Mando headed to a new “Jedi” lead. He’s now looking for Ahsoka Tano, a legend amongst Clone Wars watchers. We’ll have much to discuss next week.


Ahsoka Tano

This episode takes place on an ocean covered planet. All the native species are sea-life based. I’ve always favored these planets as they take a little more sci-fi creativity while giving us some recognizable references. The costumes shine in this episode. Three new Mandalorians with similar looks shows one of the few untied forces of Mandalorian in this series. Kryze armor brings a fan favorite from CGI to IRL. The extra detail on her helmet lets you know she’s not just a warrior, but royalty. The action was classic Star Wars with blaster fire down hallways and ships that look so real, I could be fooled. This episode was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, and she nails it!


My grade for this episode might be inflated because of the return of Clone Wars legends. I think for an unfamiliar viewer, it should be close. Chapter 11 is getting an A from me!

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