Darkwing Duck is Coming Back!

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

Disney is bringing back the 90s hit, Darkwing Duck! The reboot is making its way to Disney+. This new Darkwing has been seen recently on the Duck Tales reboot. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are producing the series. Goldberg has worked with Rogen on many of his classic films. Duck Tales writer Frank Angones is joining the team as well.

Darkwing Duck was a staple of a 90s kid’s line up. The series follows a superhero dependent on gadgets as he protects his city. His daughter Gosalyn was a wise-cracking tag along, and his friend Launchpad made more mistakes than Darkwing himself. The show was very well written, and its reruns were aired throughout the decade. A reboot will bring in new fans and returning adults.

90s Darkwing Duck

The new Darkwing Duck is in a world where the series we watched as kids exists as well. The current Darkwing is a fan of the show and made his persona based on it. This changes the meta of the series and should be a real treat for older viewers.

DisneyXD has posted the full episode of Duck Tales that features Darkwing on their YouTube channel. Check it out!

Ready for nostalgia? Here’s the classic theme song:

Sources: Vulture, Variety

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