Massive Capcom Leak

Last Sunday, Capcom was a victim of a cyber-attack leading to massive leaks. The company confirmed the attack Monday morning. According to The BBC, the hacker group, Ragnar Lockers, is claiming responsibility. They wanted a ransom for the information from Capcom, and claim the company refused to pay. Ragnar Locker then released all stolen information on their site. Included in the info dump are upcoming release dates, current projects, source codes, and possible user data.

The release date for Resident Evil Village is planned for April 2021. Monster Hunter Stories 2 is expected in June 2021 for the Nintendo Switch.

Upcoming projects include a Resident Evil themed battle royale. This could look like the game Day Z, one of the early founders of the battle royale genre. We’re also getting an Ace Attorney collection coming for PlayStation and Switch. Names for future games are Guillotine, Reiwa, and Shield but we do not have details on what these games are.

Most importantly, anyone with a Capcom user account could have been compromised. Many players have Capcom accounts to purchase games, DLCs, or use multiplayer features. Capcom has roughly 350,000 users. If the user paid for anything, their payment information and address could be included. To play it safe, change your Capcom login information immediately. The company has confirmed the hack but not the leaked information yet.

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