The Mandalorian: Chapter 12 Review

Mandalorian Chapter 12 was a fast-paced thrill ride with a classic siege and escape. It brought back familiar faces and progressed the show’s “A” plot.

Return to Friends

Things start with Mando landing on Nevarro, the desert planet from the majority of season 1. He’s here to get the Razor Crest repaired after a rough trip. Waiting for him is Greef Karga, his old bounty broker, and Cara Dune, the republic shock trooper turned marshal. They ask Mando for his help clearing out the last Empire base on the planet. After dropping the Child off at the local school, they are off. 

Cara and Greef

The team is joined by Mythol, Mando’s bounty from the series premiere. They break into the Empire facility and quickly defeat the Storm Troopers trying to stop them. Mythol removes the heat control system that lets the base be so close to a lava source. Great building plans again, Empire. The clock is running, and they need to escape the base before the lava overtakes them. On their way out, they discover a lab. Cloning vats line the walls. On the desk is a holographic note from Dr. Pershing. 

An Old Problem

Pershing talks about their efforts to use Baby Yoda’s blood to clone new creatures. He mentions that The Child’s “M-count” is the highest they’ve seen. Keen (and annoyed) fans will recognize the “M” as Midi-chlorian. This is a microscopic life-form that creates the Force and is responsible for all life in the universe. Midi-chlorian were introduced in the prequels, and for many fans, it took away some of the mystic aspects of the original trilogy. The new trilogy made sure to not mention them, but Mando just brought them back. 

Moff Gideon

Mando and the team realize the message was for Moff Gideon, confirming he’s still alive. Mando rushes back to town to grab Baby Yoda as he is Gideon’s target. The rest will fight their way out. Blasters are firing rapidly as they make their way to an armored transport. They burst out of the fortress with Storm Troopers hot on their tails. The following pursuit is reminiscent of Indiana Jones or Mad Max. Cara is in the pilot seat, Greef on the guns, and Mythol is moral support. Tricky maneuvering sees our heroes survive the speeder bike bandits. Then, Tie Fighters. Outnumbered and outgunned, it seems like the team will not make it back to town alive.

A Solo Entrance

Mando flys in with the guns hot! He takes out one fighter quickly and grabs the attention of the others. The newly repaired Razor Crest is performing better than ever. The dog fight proves Mando is an amazing pilot as well as an elite bounty hunter. During the action, Baby Yoda is in the back seat enjoying his roller coaster ride and newly acquired cookies. The last Tie Fighter takes the Razor Crest head-on in a game of chicken. Mando wins, destroying the last fighter and freeing the planet from the last Imperial force. 

After some quick goodbyes, Mando and The Child head off to find Ahsoka Tano. The New Republic X-Wing patrols later visit the planet to get a report on the situation. Greef gives them no information about Mando. One of the pilots approaches Cara about joining their efforts. They know something is building in the outer rims and need local heroes to help. This will likely be a new path for the Cara character. 

The Grade

This was a fun and fast episode. It pushed forward the main story and clarified what the Empire wants with Baby Yoda. They need him as the DNA material for a new force-sensitive Empire army. Or he could be used in the cloning process of Supreme Leader Snoke. Either way, they won’t stop until they have The Child. I’m giving this episode a solid B. Fun but not the best. In its defense, The Mandalorian’s bar is very high. I’m very excited about next week’s episode, and I believe we will finally meet Ahsoka in live-action.

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