Geek Freaks for Check Point Organization

Geek Freaks will be doing our charity stream today, November 23rd at 3 pm pst. We’ll be playing the newly released World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. We are raising money for the Check Point Organization.

The Check Point Organization works to raise awareness of Mental Health through gaming. Check Point provides information and resources for those seeking help or wanting to learn more. Some of their wonderful tools include The Coping Companion, guides for different topics, and the #CheckPointSeries that features game developers discussing mental health.


During the stream, we will be raising money for Check Point through Tiltify. That means your money will be sent directly to Check Point. We will also be going over some of their Coping Companion cards on stream. The Coping Companion is available in physical cards for $18 or digital for any donation.

Check Point’s Coping Companion

We will be playing Shadowlands. This expansion takes us to Warcraft’s afterlife to hunt down Sylvanas and stop her from destroying both the land of the living and the dead. We will be joined by all the Geek Freaks hosts and many other streamers seen on Geek Freaks crossovers. Join us at 3 pm pst; here is the launch in your timezone.

We hope you can join us for some fun and to help a noble cause!

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